Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Kangla

The Kangla is a sacred and ritual place of manipur.KANGLA is the most sacrosanct place for the Manipuris since time immemorial, as it is a place regarded as the ‘navel’ of their ancient kingdoms and mythologies. Customarily also it is a sacred place where coronations (Phambal Tongba) of their kings had been successively carried out, particularly from the time of their god-like king Pakhangba in 33 A.D. till the last king, Bodhachandra Singh of the dynasty. Bodhachandra Singh was coronated in the year 1943 as the successor of Maharaj Sir Churachand Singh, K.C.S.I.C.B.E. (Knight Commander Star of India Commander British Empire) who abdicated the throne in favor of his eldest son in 1941 and spent his last days in solace at the holy place of Nabadwip, West Bengal.
The coronation was carried out in a traditional fashion. After the arrival at the palace from Kangla the King’s formal official coronation was carried out at the royal Darbar Hall located on the western side of the present Govindajee’s Temple in the presence of a large gathering of audience of the public including ministers and other high ranking civil and military officials. The proceeding of the royal coronation was conducted under the auspices of C. Gimson, the Political Agent of Manipur on behalf of the Viceroy of India dressed in the viceregal ceremonial uniform.
Such is the place of Kangla located just at the heart of the Imphal city which is methodologically, customarily and historically so important for all the Manipuris but had since been occupied by the British after they had conquered the State as described above. In fact, on 15th August, 1947 the British flag (the Union Jack) which had since been flying high at Kangla Fort till 14th August went down quite in a stooping manner and was replaced in its place by the brilliantly signing Pakhangba-insignia embedded red flag of independent Manipur showing that they (the British) had, in principle, returned the historic place to the hands of the people of Manipur as their genuine property.


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