Thursday, October 19, 2006

The Loktak Lake

Loktak Lake
The Loktak Lake is located at 48 km. from Imphal.The Lake seems to be just a natural part of Manipur.But the civilisation of manipur was woven around this lake.Since then the goddess lake has been feeding their children.
The livelihood of manipuris of that time mostly depend on this lake.This is the largest fresh water lake in Northeast India.
Loktak lake is considered to be the lifeline of the State of Manipur due to its importance in the socio-economic and cultural life of the people and also plays an important role in the ecological and economic security of the region.

The staple food of Manipur is directly linked to Loktak lake. The lake is rich in biodiversity and was des ig nated as a Wetland of International Importance under Ramsar Convention in 1990.
From the Tourist Bungalow set atop Sendra Island, visitors get a birds eye view of life on the Lake-small islands that are actually floating weed on which live the Lake people , the shimmering blue waters of the Lake, labyrinthine boat routes and colourful water plants. The Sendra Tourist Home with an attached Cafeteria in the middle of the lake is an ideal tourist spot, Boating and other water sports are being introduced here. Fishermen and their families who live near the shores of lake in neat huts also build their houses on island of floating weed that dirt around the lake.A myriad hues grace the lake from the warm golden glow of dawn to the peach, pinksand greys of the day and the absolute silver of high noon. The lake has floating islands on which people have set up habitats.The skills of the habitats around this is spestacular in boating,fish catching etc.
In this recent years,the lake is under threat of being decreased in size and depth due to the activities of the people around the lake.This will create unbalanced ecosystem.It is now and now only to save this lake.


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