Tuesday, October 10, 2006

many secrets

It was a late summer,no rain at all ,I along with my grandmother(mother's) in a small mat sitting in the courtyard in the dusk.She was narrating a story,I still remember the very words that my grandma had told me that day......Then with a sigh of relief,she started .."It was in the midst of the Second World War that most of the Manipur roads and transportation were developed".This New Cachar Road was formerly known as Tongjei maaril,she continued.She smiled and said "today's youth like you wouldn't like that experienced but it was interesting to us".Four days continous journey through this Tongjei maaril was the regular duty for business at that time.She recalled the various songs they used to sing through journey to forget their obstacles...After that she switched the story to the Rasa Dance.It was brought to manipur during the reign of the King Baghyachandra.Suddenly she stood and smiled at me.I couldn't read her mind.I wondered what my grandma going to do now.I came to know what Rasa Dance actually is that day.The calmness of the dance,the finger movement and the various steps she followed, an ordinary woman or man of these days wouldn't be able to follow that.Many more secrets are there that I learned from our ancestor.My blog is here to share all of your experienced and various accounts of Manipur.Keep Posting!!!!!!!!!!


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